Does Your Law Firm SEO Agency Report on These Key Metrics?

A good SEO agency provides reports upon request. 

A great SEO agency doesn’t wait for you to ask. They check metrics often, balance those with the client’s business goals, and notify the client of significant gains and “wins.”

An exceptional SEO agency does all of the above and notifies you of major changes, Google updates, and any causes for concern. They’ll give you the full picture, not just one misleading piece.

EverSpark gives you the full picture. Not only do we provide results, but we have the numbers to prove it. 

Scroll down to learn our reporting process, then give us a call. We’re here to help you achieve more.

What’s your type? (of reporting, that is)

We get it – you’re busy. You have a law firm to run, and you don’t have time to check all your site metrics, much less put them in a cohesive format.We’ll do it for you. Our Account Managers will send you at least one detailed, custom report each month (with pictures). They’ll include those reports in your client meeting agenda, and you can ask all the questions you want during the call.Want a full-site comb-through each month? You can have it. Just want to see site traffic and keyword movement? Not a problem.

seo reporting account managers
What a good-looking group of Account Managers!

Each report contains data from the previous month, although we’ll often include real-time metrics to account for recent shifts or Google updates. We check client metrics every day, so rest assured the data you’re shown is accurate and represents what’s really going on behind the scenes.

No cookie-cutting here

Most SEO agencies take a cookie-cutter approach to reporting. They’ll reuse the same format and look at the same metrics for all their clients. That’s a problem – some metrics aren’t as important for one client as they are for another. Years ago, we decided to break from the mold and create custom reports for clients based on what matters to their business. A lot of work goes into custom reporting, but we believe it makes a difference. Our clients think so, too.

Tell us which metrics are most important to you and we’ll include them in every report.

One-and-done templates aren’t really our thing. Our clients all have unique business goals, so we tailor every single report to fit their needs. Want to know what’s typically included in a report? Scroll down.

seo reporting custom
Other SEO agencies take a cookie-cutter approach to reporting. It’s just as boring as identical houses with identical yards.

Reporting fundamentals (sent every month)

At least once a month, you’ll receive a detailed report on site traffic, conversions, and whatever else you request. We send agendas 24 hours in advance, so you’ll have time to study the metrics and come to the meeting with questions.At EverSpark, we don’t just walk you through the report and sign off for the month. We’re here to collaborate with you, and we love it when clients are engaged in the process. Ask questions and study the numbers. We help you take control of your website.For each monthly report, your Account Manager pulls data in five main categories (remember, you can customize anything):

1. Site performance & traffic

Site traffic – the number and quality of users visiting your site in a given period. We can pull reports from the past week, the past month, or even the past year and compare them to where your site is sitting today.Our reports feature data from multiple sources, so you get a 360-degree view of how your website is performing “behind the scenes.” Here are a few of the metrics we include (with pictures!):

      • Number of Entrances
      • Bounce rate
      • Click-through rate (CTR)
      • Time spent on page
      • Number of users and number of unique users
      • Total clicks
      • Total impressions
      • Average position in SERP (search engine results page)
      • Number of optimized pages

In this section of the report, we’ll also discuss any backend changes to your site. Backend changes include things like improving site speed and redirecting broken pages.

We love collaboration! That’s why we send meeting agendas 24 hours in advance.

2. Intake/leads

Yes, we do this, too. In this section of the report, we’ll show you how clients interact with your site, and whether or not they’re taking the next step and calling your firm or filling out a contact form online.We’ll show you a couple of different metrics, including:

      • Lead volume for each channel (calls, forms, and live chats)
      • The quality of each lead (qualified, unqualified, or other).

3. Site authority (domain rating)

Your domain rating (DR) indicates the strength of your website overall. If you have lots of high-quality links coming in from authoritative sources, your DR score will be higher. If you have cheap, irrelevant, or spammy links coming in, you can bet it’ll be lower.Our reporting will always include updates on your DR score, as well as the number and quality of backlinks that we’ve built for the time period.

seo supplemental reporting
Picture yourself at home, having a stress-free call with your Account Manager. So simple, you can do it in your pajamas.

4. Keyword movement

Oh, keywords. They’re fickle but necessary. Fickle, because they’re notorious for changing positions one day to the next (sometimes one hour to the next), but they’re necessary because, well, people search for things using keywords.Keywords are so important, they’re the first thing that EverSpark’s CEO checks when he starts work. Our content marketing team works closely with Account Managers to create sensational copy that helps you rank for competitive keywords. Practice pages, blogs, FAQs – whatever you need, we have the resources to help you rank.Here are just a few of the metrics we’ll report on:

      • Traffic value
      • Rankings in SERPs
      • Rankings in Maps
      • Keyword volume

5. Google My Business (GMB)

If you have a physical office (hopefully you do), you should absolutely have a presence on Google My Business (GMB). GMB pulls local results for people searching for the services that you offer in your area. It’s a great platform to connect with your community and get more leads.Your Account Manager will report on the following data points:

      • Profile views
      • Profile interactions
      • Search terms that trigger the profile

Google My Business is an extensive platform with lots of information to parse through, so this is by no means an exhaustive list.Now you have an idea of what we include in monthly reports, we’re going to talk about supplemental reporting.

Supplemental reporting (optional, but recommended)

You’ve scrolled this far; that means you must really want the full picture. Good for you! Supplemental reporting is by no means required, but we recommend getting one at least twice a year. For new clients, we recommend a supplemental report at least once a quarter.Here are a few of the more important metrics that we include:

      • Competitor analysis
      • Top 10 pages
      • Additional market research

If you request a supplemental report, your Account Manager will send it along with your fundamental report at no extra cost. The information is for your benefit, and we find that both reports help lend much-needed context to the complex, and often contradictory field of SEO.

There’s good, There’s great, and then there’s EverSpark

In our 20-plus years of experience, we’ve seen other SEO agencies fall prey to a vicious cycle of cover-up and deceit in their reporting. They hide bad results behind a few easy “wins” and convince their clients that it’s smooth sailing.EverSpark is different. When you work with us, you get a full, unadulterated view of how your website is performing.We give clients visibility into what we do so they can get visibility for what they do.When you’re ready to get your firm to the top, give us a call or fill out a form. We’re here to help.

Maximize your firm’s potential with our digital marketing expertise

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