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SEO Services in Charlotte, NC

Helping Businesses in Charlotte, NC Live Like Kings in the Queen City

Charlotte is one of the fastest growing business environments in the southeast, attracting tens of thousands of new residents each year. According to the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance, over 37,000 people moved to Charlotte just in the year 2016. That’s over 100 per day! Companies like Accenture, Microsoft, and McKesson have all introduced major operations to the area, encouraging hundreds of like-minded startups to follow suit. All of this energy in the business sector prompted CBRE to label the city as the #1 Tech Momentum Market and to designate it as the #2 city for small business growth in America.

With so much growth going on, some companies are understandably concerned about getting lost in the fold. Enter EverSpark Interactive. With our digital marketing expertise, you can refine your branding online and use all the right best practices to improve your discoverability. We have helped hundreds of different companies in different industries swell their bottom line and achieve growth through our proven tactics.

As a Southeast-based business ourselves, we at ESI cannot wait to help other businesses in our region get the online marketing boost they deserve. You can find out more about how our services can be tailored to your goals and circumstances when you reach out to us today.

ESI Uses Expert Strategies and Top Quality Standards to Help You Rank Above the Rest of the Hornet’s Nest

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of using coding know-how and quality writing to signal to search engines that your website is relevant to certain keywords. With the right SEO strategy in place, your Charlotte business could easily grow its website traffic and its leads — all while stifling the visibility of your competition.

At EverSpark Interactive, the process starts with a thorough top-to-bottom audit of your current SEO performance and your traffic sources. We use this data to identify which keywords represent the best opportunities for your business to earn new leads and grow.

Our technical SEO experts then get to work, configuring your website’s structured data and online listings to maximize your chances of ranking for desired keywords. We also assign blogs, website revisions, and guest post articles to our talented writing team. This content satisfies all of the strict criteria search engines like Google use to identify the type of well-written content they think audiences want.

In other words, good work results in good content, which helps you rank higher!


Search Engine


Climb the Ranks

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Earn More Clicks

More Leads

Convert More

Better ROI

Get Higher Returns
on Investment


Learn How We Can Help Your Business Attract and Convert More Online Leads

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SEO Services That Truly Work

Our tactics work so well because they recognize the unique strengths and opportunities of the businesses we serve. Each client receives a tailored set of services and customized strategies that set and achieve the most appropriate goals for your given circumstances. In the process, you will improve your website by adding valuable information audiences love to read. You will also be made aware of small day-to-day tasks you can perform to stay on top of your current performance and point the way forward to even greater success.


Analyze your current traffic
opportunities, and growth


ESI takes an in-depth look at
your back-end website code
to optimize for keyword
relevance and UX


ESI’s talented writers create outstanding content using targeted keywords to
help you earn rankings
and clicks


We analyze your results on a
recurring basis, making
recommendations and
optimizations to improve
your results


Meet Our Charlotte SEO Team

These are the women and guys who have helped countless businesses in the Southeast and all over the world turn their online performance around. Between all of them, they have clocked dozens of years of industry experience, earned top-level certifications in their field, and garnered hundreds of glowing testimonials from our happy clients.

For over 30 years Chris has been committed to measurable forms of marketing. His goal is to harness the potential of the internet to get meaningful results for his clients, making SEO and Digital Marketing the main focus. No matter how big or small the campaign, Chris is focused on making sure our client’s see the results they deserve.

CEO / Partner

Chris Watson

Moe contributes to EverSpark in creative, technical and operational ways. As the Chief Technology Officer, Moe brings over 14 years of experience in web development with a focus on user experience. Moe also specializes in creating custom dashboards bringing data from multiple platforms into one location for easy visualization.

CTO / Partner

Moe Shahzad

With over 16 years in the marketing and advertising space, working on both the client side & agency side, Matt has partnered directly with our clients to achieve brand recognition and revenue growth for both local businesses to large Fortune 500 companies.

CMO / Partner

Matt McLean

Chase Aertker takes a strategic and data-driven approach to online marketing and advertising. He incorporates his knowledge of inbound marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and web development to help his clients improve their SEO strategy to meet their marketing goals and objectives.

Account Strategist

Chase Aertker

Andrew McCarron specializes in technical SEO strategies to improve the back-end of clients’ sites to properly communicate to search engines. While always focusing on important metrics that drive performance, reporting and data analysis will always be his passion as search engines continue to evolve. Andrew’s motto is #there’saschemaforthat

SEO Strategist

Andrew McCarron

Lizzy Reese makes sure that all of your deliverables are being completed on time, so that your roadmap stays on track. With a passion for digital marketing and a commitment to ensuring your SEO plan’s completion, she works hard to make sure each project is a successful one.

Project Coordinator

Lizzy Reese

Jacob Rayburn works directly with our clients as a trusted account manager. He’s a subject matter expert centered around campaign strategy and development, website optimizations and point-of-purchase marketing. His main priority is improving lead generation and organic visibility for his clients.

Account Strategist

Jacob Rayburn

Dani Henion is a digital marketer with more than 5 years’ experience in creating lead-generating content. She believes content marketing is more than just keeping your blog up-to-date. It’s about creating thought-provoking pieces that tell your story, attract your target audience, and turn leads into customers.

Content Marketing Manager

Dani Henion

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Hiring Everspark to do the comprehensive
audit of my clients website was money
very well spent. They are thorough,
knowledgeable and approachable.
– Ross Brandt, Owner Coil Media