what we bring to the table

A Proven Track Record
For 17 years, ESI has achived consistent success
through tailored marketing campaigns for law firms.
Known for our transparent approach
Our clients have clear insights into every aspect of their campaign.
You pick the schedule, our team brings a full report to every call.
One law firm client per market
Our exclusive market partnerships amplify law firm's brand power and market dominance through custom-tailored marketing strategies.
Clear goals, measurable outcomes, innovation
Everything we do serves the same goal - to get you more cases. We only succeed when you do, and it drives our every move.

what we did

Success beyond the billboard

Think of SEO as your modern-day digital billboard, but with our expert team ensuring it not only grabs attention but also directs the right clients straight to your law firm, delivering exceptional marketing results.

increase in Google My Business calls in 1 Year for The Johnson Firm
increase in call volume over ~1.5 years for Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath
increase in Google My Business calls in 1 quarter for Rafi Law Firm

Our process

Elite Strategies for Elite Law Firms

When it comes to law firm digital marketing, we leave no stone unturned. We research, strategize and execute keeping your law firm’s continued success as our ultimate goal,

how we think

Innately Meticulous, Analytically Driven

Our team consists of diverse group of people. We are thought leaders and innovative thinkers who catapult our clients to exceptional success. Our staff is our biggest investment and happiness is a KPI here.

“Leading with unrivaled passion, our team redefines legal marketing.”

-Moe Shahzad, CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

We exclusively partner with one law firm per market, dedicating our comprehensive law firm digital marketing resources solely to your firm. This focused approach avoids conflicts of interest and allows us to craft tailored strategies that position you as the top choice in your region.
Our partnerships thrive on performance, not contractual obligations. This underscores our confidence in delivering tangible results and showcases our dedication to fostering trust through exceptional outcomes. This approach not only motivates continued collaboration but also ensures a mutually beneficial relationship built on measurable success.
We act as strategic partners, focusing on guidance and education. By openly sharing insights and informing you about our law firm digital marketing strategies, we ensure that our efforts align with your goals and objectives, fostering not only long-term success but also a deep understanding of our collaborative journey.
Our agile approach means continuously refining our law firm digital marketing strategies to adapt to the ever-changing online landscape and your firm’s evolving goals. This dynamic partnership model allows us to respond quickly to new opportunities and challenges, keeping your firm ahead in a competitive market.

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Beyond the billboard: Optimizing legal UX in website design

Every law firm should run Local Service Ads

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