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Are URL Redirects Bad For SEO?

Let’s cut to the chase: yes, redirecting URLs will affect your site rankings in search engines. But whether the effect is good or bad depends on when, where,...

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Does Your Law Firm SEO Agency Report on These Key Metrics?

A good SEO agency provides reports upon request.  A great SEO agency doesn’t wait for you to ask. They check metrics often, balance those with the client’s business...

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Lawyers, here’s how to make your website mobile-friendly

It’s a must, not a plus You might have heard that Google is retiring its Mobile-Friendly Test tool soon, but don’t think that means you’re out of the...

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Off-Site SEO: What is it?

Off-page SEO is any SEO practice that occurs away from your site. That’s different from on-site SEO, which is anything that you do directly to your website. Backlinks...

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What is On-Site SEO?

What is on-site SEO? On-site SEO is the practice of optimizing elements on your website to improve your visibility on Google. When you hire an SEO marketing agency...

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4 Reasons to Invest in Law Firm Growth Strategies

Every sector in the legal industry has felt the effects of COVID-19. As the role of legal operations in a post-pandemic world remains somewhat hazy, one thing remains...

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The Truth About Duplicate Meta Descriptions [UPDATED]

Google’s search engine currently recognizes and uses seven different meta tags. Of those tags, the most important ones are the title and description tags. The importance of having...

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How Long Does It Take for SEO to Work?

“How long does SEO take to work?” It’s a question that’s heard often, and truthfully, professional marketers simply don’t know how to answer it. But instead of saying...

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How to Use Support Pages to Boost SEO

Does your site have a product support section, FAQ, or help forum? If so, you may be able to leverage that content for SEO. That’s the lesson that Tom Demers teaches...

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Should You Use a Custom Domain?

Once upon a time all websites were either a .com, a .net or a .org. That is far from the case anymore. New top-level domains are being released...

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How to Get Listed with the Better Business Bureau

Last week I wrote about which directory sites you need to be listed on—and to everyone’s surprise, the Better Business Bureau is among the most important. The BBB...

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Fact or Myth: Social Media has an Effect on SEO

A little bit of both, in fact. Though your Facebook and Twitter pages may not directly contribute to your SEO efforts in the way that say, link-building does,...

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