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increase in Google My Business calls in 1 quarter for Rafi Law Firm

Located in Atlanta, Rafi Law Firm stands out as a prominent personal injury firm, renowned for its exceptional services. Led by Mike Rafi and a team of dedicated attorneys, the firm is deeply committed to aiding individuals who have suffered injuries in reclaiming their lives and receiving rightful compensation through appropriate treatment. The firm has established a strong reputation for its expertise in handling cases pertaining to car accidents, truck accidents, and victims of shootings.


Pre-2020, Mike Rafi and partners were obtaining the majority of their cases through referrals. Rafi Law Firm wanted to attract original leads without having to pay a significant percentage of settlements to other law firms. Because the firm had settled several six-figure Atlanta shooting victim cases, he was most commonly known for his success in crime victim law. However, Rafi and his partners were much more than that and looking to highlight their expertise in personal injury law.

Thanks to Mike Rafi’s tenacity in the courtroom and strong devotion to clients, Rafi Law Firm quickly earned a positive reputation in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. However, it was not enough to compete with firm giants who had multi-million-dollar marketing budgets.

Our Strategy & Solution

EverSpark understands that client trust requires open, clear, and consistent communication. Through ongoing discussions around strategy and metrics, EverSpark and Rafi Law Firm established a partnership built on integrity and hard work. We began our partnership with a clear goal – to increase the firm’s visibility and caseload in the personal injury space, specifically, cases pertaining to car accidents and truck accidents, using law firm SEO and paid ads.

Our overarching goals

Local SEO & Local Service Ads

Top visibility in the local Atlanta markets would be key to Rafi Law Firm’s goals. Using a fool-proof formula, EverSpark leveraged Rafi’s Google Business Profiles to capture top rankings in Maps and increase the firm’s impressions and profile interactions.

Local Service Ads expanded the firm’s reach even further through an ad model finely tuned to the firm’s unique needs. With a streamlined process for intake assurance, EverSpark vetted every lead, allowing only those of the highest quality to pass Mike Rafi’s desk. 


Although two of the firm’s most important pages, the car accident page and the truck accident page lacked depth, originality, and needed a complete organizational overhaul. Our content strategy reinvented these pages by adding a mix of informative listicles, interactive graphics, and local statistics. We also divided up the wealth of information we had into subpages housed under a navigation bar. This allowed complex topics to preserve the depth needed to inform readers and keep them interested. Additionally, we maintained an ongoing campaign of relevant supplementary content that helped solidify car accident and truck accident law as a part of Rafi Law Firm’s brand. 

The firm was also struggling with a lack of site authority at the start of our relationship. An assortment of high-value content, written by talented bloggers and hosted on reputable domains, gave much-needed exposure and authority to Rafi Law Firm’s car and truck accident law expertise. By maximizing Rafi Law Firm’s presence in legal directories, local chambers, and business directories, the firm’s visibility began to soar.

Problem-solving in the backend was also necessary to ensure that the firm’s website loaded properly and in a timely manner on all types of devices, making it far more likely for Rafi Law Firm to rank highly in Google and earn qualified traffic. Our dev team worked to improve Core Web Vitals, Pagespeed, and other technical aspects of the site to ensure these were not holding the site back from its true potential.


Since our endeavors began in 2020, Rafi Law Firm has witnessed remarkable enhancements in its presence within the Atlanta market. The firm currently holds leading positions for numerous significant keywords associated with car accidents and truck accidents, generating increased website traffic and bolstering the firm's workload in personal injury cases.


Increase in phone leads from June 2018 to June 2021


Highly competitive Atlanta car accident and truck accident keywords ranking in top 3 positions

6 new Markets

Rafi Law Firm has expanded their marketing efforts into six additional locations throughout Georgia

“Hiring EverSpark for SEO has been a game-changer for our firm. Their team has significantly boosted our online visibility and client engagement, making it possible for us to expand into additional markets. They are an invaluable partner in our success.”

-Mike Rafi