Case Study

The Johnson Firm


increase in Google My Business calls in 1 Year for The Johnson Firm

For over four decades, The Johnson Firm has been dedicated to delivering top-notch legal services to individuals in southwest Louisiana. Since 1980, their team of attorneys has consistently provided superior assistance in personal injury, family law, and criminal defense matters.


The Johnson Firm came to us in 2019 looking to grow their online presence. They had never invested in digital marketing before and were wondering if they should continue with their billboard strategy (their primary marketing channel at the time) or if they should give SEO a try. Billboards weren’t producing leads the way they had hoped, but the firm was hesitant about the idea of moving their marketing budget to digital.


We used data and logic to help The Johnson Firm reach their decision. We asked them a simple question – How many cases do you get from billboards? The lack of an answer and our knowledge of law firm SEO is what ultimately tipped the scale and convinced them to try digital marketing.

Our Strategy & Solution

We were confident we could help The Johnson Firm dominate their local market in Louisiana. Our goal was to help them become the go-to law firm for all personal injury, family law, and criminal cases in Lake Charles. We immediately went to work, focusing on improving the website authority and content strategy, as well optimizing their Google Business Profile for Local SEO.

Our overarching goals

Maps / Local SEO

Google Maps is a key part of organic search and can be a large contributor to website traffic and phone calls. In order to make the most of this, we optimized their Google Business Profile from an owner’s standpoint and also strategized with the firm to obtain more reviews.


It wasn’t long before we were ranking in top 10 and eventually in top 3 positions of Maps.


A location-based strategy was optimal for getting The Johnson Firm to rank organically in Lake Charles. We prioritized practice area pages to ensure those were targeting location-practice area keywords and eventually moved on to developing additional supplementary content such as FAQs and blogs. Family law and criminal defense keywords were the quickest to rise, putting the firm in time positions within a year. Due to the competitive nature of personal injury, these rankings took longer to catch up, but also reached top positions a few months later.


Since partnering in 2019, The Johnson Firm has been consistently moving towards achieving their goals. The surge in leads coming from SEO has consistently kept the firm's workload at its maximum capacity. The resulting boost in revenue has facilitated the expansion of the firm from a team of only two attorneys to nine, necessitating a move to a new office space three times larger to accommodate the growing staff.​


Calls from their Google Business Profile in 2022​

From 2 to 9

Attorneys to keep up with the newly generated caseload


Increase in organic website traffic year-over-year (2021 vs. 2022)

“From the moment we first met with EverSpark, it was very apparent they understood their role as a partner in our business. They didn’t over-promise. They have always exceeded our expectations throughout our relationship and we’ve been with them ever since.”

–  Jonathan Johnson