Case Study

Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath


increase in call volume over ~1.5 years for Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath

Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath is a personal injury firm in South Florida. The firm has gained widespread recognition and admiration as a premier plaintiff’s law firm in Florida and is renowned for its exceptional reputation and remarkable track record of success.


When we first spoke to Lytal Reiter, the firm hadn’t put much focus on digital marketing. They had been running some PPC ads with very little success, as the majority of their budget was being wasted on low-quality clicks. Meanwhile, the firm was nowhere to be seen in organic listings.

They were aware of our past work with a previous firm in their area and were looking for help replicating that success.

Our Strategy & Solution

We took a holistic approach to all things digital for Lytal Reiter, from law firm SEO to paid ads to redesigning website pages. Once we had established a strong foundation for the firm, we were able to replicate this process three more times, helping to expand the firm into new markets throughout South Florida.

Our overarching goals

Paid Ads

We quickly discovered issues with the firm’s existing ad campaigns after our initial audit. We immediately cut the monthly ad spend from ~$16k to $12k by addressing these issues, fencing their ads to only run in areas that mattered to them, and optimizing keywords for high-intent terms that would produce cases. Once this setup made financial sense, we were able to scale this formula close to $100k per month on PPC and Local Service Ads.

Website design

Not long after working with us, the firm expressed interest in wanting to modernize the look and feel of their website design, specifically when it came to branding. We created a mood board and discussed multiple options, which included updated logos, fonts, and design elements.


Although Lytal Reiter had a large site with a lot of content, it wasn’t ranking organically and producing the results the firm was looking for. This lack of rankings was largely attributed to the lack of SEO optimizations on individual pages. One of the first projects we tackled was identifying high-priority pages and ensuring the site had an optimized structure, location-based content strategy, and on-page SEO essentials.

In tandem, we focused on building the website’s authority by obtaining backlinks from legal directories, local chambers, and other industry-relevant sites.


Since the beginning of our work in 2020, the firm has seen drastic improvements in their visibility, keyword rankings, and organic site traffic, all of which, with the addition of ads, contributed to record-breaking caseloads. This increased revenue has also allowed the firm to open 5 new locations across South Florida.

5 New Markets

Lytal Reiter has expanded into five new markets throughout South Florida over the past 3 years.


Increase in call volume over a period of 1.5 years


Generated over 1,000 cases from digital marketing in 2022

“When we initially went with EverSpark we were a one-location office, since then we’ve opened four additional offices. We have seen our case numbers increase 240% since we went live with them year over year. Last year was an additional 40% on top of that. Our case numbers are through the roof, our keyword rankings are through the roof, we’ve seen substantial growth since going with EverSpark.”

-Kevin Ryan