Why Has Google Removed My Site From The Search Results?

  1. Check that your site is in the Google index
    • Do a site search. For example, site:yoursite.com. This will show you your indexed pages.
    • If your site does not show up in the index, then it may be in violation of one of the webmaster guidelines. Once you have reviewed and fixed your violations, submit the site for a reconsideration request.
  2. Make sure Google can find and crawl your site
    • Crawling is the process of Google searching new and updated pages that can be added to the Google index.
    • You can check for Crawl Errors in Webmaster Tools
    • Also check the test robots.txt.tool, which will let you know if you are blocking Googlebot from crawling your site
    • Make sure your site has easy accessibility
    • Create a sitemap, even if you are already listed in the index
  3. Make sure that Google can index your site
    • Make sure your site is text-based and readable
  4. Make sure your content is useful and relevant

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