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Video – What Are Some Good, Organic Link Building Strategies?

Watch the Video Here! Hey everyone, it’s Jason Hennessey from Atlanta SEO agency EverSpark Interactive. Today, I’m going to talk a little bit about link building. Link building...

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What Makes A Great Domain Name?

Creating a great domain name for your website is perhaps not as straight forward as it seems. Unlike names for physical stores and businesses, naming your web based...

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Why Has Google Removed My Site From The Search Results?

Check that your site is in the Google index Do a site search. For example, This will show you your indexed pages. If your site does not...

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First Link Priority Rule

Hello everyone. I am Jason Hennessy from Everspark Interactive bringing you the latest and breaking news in the world of SEO. Today, we are going to solve a...

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Why You Need To Plan Your SEO Before You Build Your Website

I have talked before about how web design and SEO should be considered together before you launch your website. Optimizing pages after they have been published is difficult,...

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Google rolled out “Panda” algorithmic improvement – now what?

Hey Guys, It Jason Hennessy reporting live from Everspark Interactive. Yesterday, the rumors came true and Panda was officially rolled out. No, I am not talking about the...

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