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What to Include in Your Law Firm Newsletter

You know you’ve read a good e-newsletter when you’re still thinking about it hours later. Chances are, that email taught you something, made you feel a certain way,...

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5 Ways to Tell if an Image Is Copyrighted

Here’s how to avoid getting sued for copyright infringement: assume every photo has a copyright, and get into the habit of asking permission. Trust us, you really don’t...

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Are URL Redirects Bad For SEO?

Let’s cut to the chase: yes, redirecting URLs will affect your site rankings in search engines. But whether the effect is good or bad depends on when, where,...

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Best Practices in User Experience (UX) Design for Law Firms

You’re driving along the highway when you spot a string of billboards advertising various law firms. How many seconds would you spend looking at each one? If you’re...

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Every law firm should run Local Service Ads

Yes, yours too. Here’s why. Most people find and hire skilled attorneys on the internet, so your law firm needs to be front and center if you want...

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How to Bring in Million-Dollar Cases in 2024

As an attorney, your goals primarily center around helping people get their lives back on track. You represent victims who were injured in catastrophic accidents, people who cannot...

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How to Improve Employee Retention at Your Law Firm

Perspective by Mara Siegel, Legal Intake Training Manager Table of Contents Proper Training and Onboarding Communication Upward Mobility and Professional Development Wrapping Up Over the years I’ve worked...

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How to set and allocate a law firm marketing budget

Helping your firm operate smoothly is a big enough task – but balancing your firm’s budget? Trying to decide how much to spend on marketing? Whew, it’s never-ending,...

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Does Your Law Firm SEO Agency Report on These Key Metrics?

A good SEO agency provides reports upon request.  A great SEO agency doesn’t wait for you to ask. They check metrics often, balance those with the client’s business...

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How to Choose Pages to Optimize on Your Site

Fact: Google likes timely, relevant content better than outdated work. (Who doesn’t?) Another fact: Content doesn’t update itself, so if you want your pages to rank better, you’re...

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What’s EverSpark’s website redesign process?

You wouldn’t show up to a client meeting in sweatpants; that would give the wrong impression. In the same vein, your website needs to be well-designed, functioning properly,...

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How Law Firms Can Avoid Phishing Scams in 2022

Law firms’ greatest enemy is faceless and invisible. It makes malpractice claims and talent shortages look tame, and it can leave firms bankrupt in a matter of weeks. ...

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