What to Include in Your Law Firm Newsletter

You know you’ve read a good e-newsletter when you’re still thinking about it hours later. Chances are, that email taught you something, made you feel a certain way, or gave you a new perspective on an issue you care about.

Law firms can accomplish all of these things in e-newsletters, but it takes finesse to be successful.

Below, our Content Marketing team highlights some of the best elements to include in your law firm newsletter.

There’s plenty of room for creativity and personality; don’t be afraid to step out and try something new.

The Legal Newsletter Basics

The little things are often the most important, especially in an e-newsletter. Include a junky subject line and it’s unlikely that people will want to read what you have to say. Why should they trust that the copy in your email is any better than your shoddy subject line?Follow these points to make sure you include the bits that any reader wants to know:

  • Compelling subject line
  • Friendly greeting that doesn’t dilly-dally (get to the newsletter!)
  • Link(s) to your firm’s website
  • Contact information (include your firm’s physical address, as people like knowing their lawyer actually has an office)
  • Links to social media

Your firm’s phone number and email address should be listed at the top of your newsletter, as well as at the bottom with your physical address. You can put links to your firm’s social media at the bottom of the newsletter or scattered throughout (Want to see more? Visit us on Instagram!).It’s important that you not overlook these points. They’re basic, but they’re basic because people expect to see them. Make yourself available; don’t hide your contact information in 8-point font at the bottom of the page.And now, the fun part: what to include in your newsletter.

Education Station

Clients crave knowledge, whether they’re willing to admit it or not. They want to know why they need a lawyer, why you’re different from everyone else, and why they should trust you with their case.learning law firm newsletterBut it’s hard to find real knowledge and good advice online, where just about everyone thinks they’re an expert because they have an opinion.Your firm needs to be the voice of knowledge in a world overwhelmed with information.Here are some educational items to include in your newsletter. Try to use at least one per issue, and consider making a standalone section with a fun name like ‘Knowledge Base’ where users can easily find pertinent information and learning materials.

Case Studies

People respond well to real stories – think about the popularity of reality TV shows. Okay, so reality TV isn’t actually real, but the point remains: people want to know that you’re legit and can deliver results. Throw in a short description of an interesting or successful case that you handled in the past month or two. Recent case studies demonstrate your expertise and show that you’re repeatedly successful, not a one-hit wonder.*Pro tip: If you really want to up the ante, include a link to your website with the words “Keep reading to see how the case was resolved.” Trust us – you’ll receive a better click-through rate (CTR) because people will be itching to know what happened.

Guides/Informational Downloads

Does your firm have a blog? What about step-by-step guides? Legal resources?Give clients free, 24/7 access to valuable legal information by linking to those resources in your newsletter. You can also open the door to referral opportunities by linking to legal resources.

Changes/Updates to Laws

Have any laws changed that could affect your audience? What about updates in high-profile cases? Keep your readers engaged and informed with a short section containing legal updates. Include any changes to legislation that’s relevant to your practice areas. 

Keep the Mood Light

Most people expect lawyers to be stuffy and intimidating, only giving curt advice and never letting their personality shine through.We both know that’s not true, but your audience also needs to know it’s not true.Scatter fun sections throughout your newsletter to communicate your firm’s personality.These segments should be lighthearted and emotionally valuable, demonstrating through copy and images that your coworkers are interesting, compassionate, and capable.

funny law firm newsletter
Don’t be droll; insert lighthearted sections in your newsletter to break up the more serious stuff.

Here are some ideas to get you started.


Don’t let the name confuse you – newsjacking isn’t dangerous, and it’s not illegal. All it entails is injecting your firm’s ideas or opinions alongside a trending news story.

A great example of newsjacking: large firms giving their two cents in the Britney Spears conservatorship case.

For example, Facebook’s new parent company, Meta, could be a great topic for a merger and acquisition firm.

In the newsletter, you could discuss how your line of work made Facebook’s rebranding possible.

The goal behind newsjacking is to position your firm as an authoritative source and provide valuable context for people who don’t know much about your practice area.

Attorney & Staff Profiles

The best way for readers to feel connected to your firm? Give them a face.Your face, the managing partner’s face, whoever – give readers a face to look at and you’re on your way to boosting read-through rates and increasing overall traffic to your website. Staff and attorney profiles are a great way to turn the spotlight on your team while tapping into psychology. People respond well to faces, so try to include an attorney or staff profile in at least every other newsletter.

Social Media Roundup

Depending on your comfort level, consider adding a social media section to your e-newsletter.Don’t post serious legal topics here; instead, focus on clever or brand-centered content to make your firm more recognizable and more relatable to readers.Office pets, holidays, and anniversaries are all great examples of things to include in your social media roundup.Don’t worry about finding dozens of photos; just pick one or two of your favorites around the office. Do try to include a roundup in at least every other newsletter, though.

dog in law firm newsletter
Readers will love seeing your furry friends “helping” you work. Take a quick photo of your pet and watch your newsletter engagement soar.

Video Content

Don’t give your audience mammoth blocks of copy and expect them to read to the end. The days of written-only content are long gone, and you should embrace other forms to get your point across.Short video content is a great way to keep users engaged and informed, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

watching law firm newsletter
Be personable and direct in videos. Don’t beat around the bush and don’t hide your face.

In fact, making homemade, office-recorded videos will show clients that you aren’t going around wasting money on expensive video projects.

Because this type of content can take a while to plan and execute, try to make just a few each year.

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