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Rich Snippets vs. Schema Markup: What’s the Difference?

Many marketers and business owners have heard how using Schema markup and earning rich snippets on search engines can boost their click-through rates. With the right use of...

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Why Bad Reviews Are Good for Your Business

We get it: online reviews are tricky. They’re almost like a game of Battleship. You have to tread carefully and provide all your services perfectly without a flaw,...

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Ranking Factors Study Follow-Up: Quality Content Still Matters More Than Keywords

SEMRush released an amazing study this summer objectively measuring and statistically analyzing over a dozen common ranking factors. Now, they have followed up on the study to scrutinize...

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How and When to Handle People Trolling Your Company

There’s a saying in the business world that if you’re gonna do anything online, you gotta pay the troll toll. But do you? Trolls — people who say...

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You Paid 100 Percent Too Much For Your Last Google Ad

We all know that the impact on online display ads has fallen since their heyday in the early 2000s—and prices have fallen too. But prices may not nearly...

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