Navigating SEO for Law Firms: A Comparative Analysis of Ahrefs vs. SEMrush Authority Scores

In the rapidly evolving domain of SEO, the selection and application of analytical tools and metrics are crucial for assessing the performance and progression of websites. Among these, the Authority Score is a composite metric indicative of a website’s overall SEO efficacy. This article conducts a detailed comparative analysis of Authority Score, calculated by Ahrefs […]

Plan to Open a New Location for Your Law Firm in 2024? Do This First

Considering opening an office in a new location? You need to be in your clients’ peripherals long before you even sign the new lease (we’ll explain why in a bit). The best way to place your firm in the community’s collective consciousness is to develop a strong online presence in your new location before you […]

5 Reasons Your Legal Competitors Are Outranking You in 2024

You know search engine rankings are important for your law firm. And you know other law firms are ranking above you for your target keywords.  But why? Your firm’s marketing team publishes blog posts each week, shares them on social media, and updates your practice area pages. You run pay-per-click campaigns and advertise in local […]