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Rising to the Top of Search Engine Rankings in Los Angeles

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SEO Services in Los Angeles, CA

Ascend to the Top of Search Engine Rankings in the City of Angels

Los Angeles is one of the largest and most important cities in the United States, with an economic output of $700 billion --- greater than Belgium and Saudi Arabia. Though the technology, entertainment and manufacturing industries are some of the top players in L.A., smaller businesses have also found a home in the metropolis. More and more small businesses are reporting profitable growth, and there are a wealth of resources for those wanting to start their own businesses. L.A. has nearly unlimited potential to reach local and global markets alike, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes. But as the city’s economy grows, so does competition.

Reaching the first page of search engine results is crucial for success in Los Angeles. That’s why it’s vital you work with a Los Angeles SEO company like EverSpark Interactive. Our proven techniques can help your brand stand out and increase your leads, thus swelling your profits. We’ve helped businesses of all sizes and in nearly every industry find unprecedented success.

SEO gets a bad rap thanks to less-than-savory practices employed by some companies. But at EverSpark Interactive, we use techniques that have been proven time and time again to be appreciated by search engines. That way, when you climb up through search engine results, you stay there. With thousands and thousands of businesses calling Los Angeles home, a sound digital marketing strategy is key. Our SEO experts know how to help you ascend to the top of search engine rankings in the City of Angels. Contact us today to learn how our custom-tailored services can help your business find new success.

Our SEO Tactics to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings and Dominate the Local Market

When we talk about search engine optimization, or SEO, we ultimately mean making your website more appealing to search engines like Google and Bing. We employ a variety of techniques to do this, including fixing technical issues, creating engaging content, instituting backlink strategies and more.

While you may be able to implement some of these strategies on your own, a Los Angeles SEO company can help ensure you do so properly. With the right techniques in place, you can rise up through search engine result rankings. At EverSpark Interactive, our experts know what qualities Google and Bing look for when they’re ranking sites, and we know how to make sure your site meets and exceeds their requirements.

We do so by first completing a full audit of your site. We look at the technical aspects of the site, including any errors, plus its overall performance. This includes content quality, keyword rankings, backlink profiles and more. That audit helps us create an custom-tailored, actionable plan to improve your website. Our ultimate goal is to create an ongoing relationship with our clients, continuously monitoring their sites to ensure they perform well.


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Every strategic plan we create is unique to the client we’re working with, but the first step we always take is addressing the technical issues on your site. Without fixing these issues, anything else we do could be flawed by bad coding or other problems. Once these issues are resolved, we implement the rest of our plan, based on your business’s unique strengths, weaknesses and goals.


Analyze your current traffic
opportunities, and growth


ESI takes an in-depth look at
your back-end website code
to optimize for keyword
relevance and UX


ESI’s talented writers create outstanding content using targeted keywords to
help you earn rankings
and clicks


We analyze your results on a
recurring basis, making
recommendations and
optimizations to improve
your results

Hiring Everspark to do the comprehensive
audit of my clients website was money
very well spent. They are thorough,
knowledgeable and approachable.
– Ross Brandt, Owner Coil Media