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EverSpark Interactive Is In a Whole Different League Than Most SEO Companies

Indiana currently enjoys a strong economic growth rate buoyed by unique businesses of all sizes. The city once known as The Crossroads of America still plays a huge part in business networks all across the country. Startups and established enterprises alike can become a larger part of the Indy business community when they can raise their brand visibility and customer conversion potential online.

EverSpark Interactive has all the tools you need to make this happen. We start every client engagement with a thorough review of your business, including what your website currently does to attract leads and what it could be doing better. Your audience also gets a comprehensive analysis. We help you identify personas most likely to convert and which keywords they search for online to bring their business to you. With this information in hand, we can quickly implement SEO strategies that help you rise through the ranks. Our talented content writing team can develop high-quality content that your audiences will dig right into. This content serves up strong relevance signals for your biggest keyword opportunities.

We will also ensure that your website follows all of the most important technical SEO best practices. Many websites fail basic standards for mobile friendliness, usability, and scan-ability by major search engine platforms. A quick back-end optimization can often mean the difference between your relevant queries fetching accurate information — or your listing not being fetched at all. ESI not only brings you these improvements, we also take efforts to make your digital marketing gains both measurable and sustainable. Ongoing audits analyze your performance, revealing new opportunities for improvement as well as new directions for your strategy to seek. In the end, this combination of attentiveness and attention to detail can help your business secure the pole position on search engine results and be in the winner’s circle for customer conversions, time after time.

SEO Strategies That Help Your Online Lead Generation Come Roaring to Life

People demand answers fast these days, especially when it comes to getting ideas for what business most deserves their money. Always on-the-go, these consumers demand rapid information so that they can make a decision. According to local SEO statistics, 88% of mobile users who look up a local business will visit or call within the next 24 hours. Furthermore, 86% of people say they like to look up business locations on services like Google Maps. To help these people decide that your business is worthy, they first need to know it exists. SEO campaigns raise your visibility using proven methods that serve to improve your website’s ranking signal strength as well as the quality of information it offers to your customers.

A skilled SEO agency in Indianapolis, such as EverSpark Interactive, knows that these quality criteria are not optional. We implement everything your business needs to not just get discovered more often online, but to also help you achieve sustainable growth by targeting the right keywords and the right audiences that are ready to convert.


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High quality content plays a huge part in the formula for success. Search engines like Google increasingly demand long-form content that provides deep information written in a compelling way. By naturally weaving in relevant keywords, your business can signal relevance to important search queries while simultaneously giving your audience more persuasive reasons to click. What search engines see behind the scenes also matters. Off-page SEO factors, like your metadata configuration and schema markup, serves to help search engines fetch information more readily. Websites that make it easy to find complete, accurate information through multiple platforms tend to be favored by both search engines and audiences.


Analyze your current traffic
opportunities, and growth


ESI takes an in-depth look at
your back-end website code
to optimize for keyword
relevance and UX


ESI’s talented writers create outstanding content using targeted keywords to
help you earn rankings
and clicks


We analyze your results on a
recurring basis, making
recommendations and
optimizations to improve
your results

Hiring Everspark to do the comprehensive
audit of my clients website was money
very well spent. They are thorough,
knowledgeable and approachable.
– Ross Brandt, Owner Coil Media